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    Scott Hardesty / founder / is a retired Army Ranger that served 26 years in the US Army.

    While his career was very full filling, he would say the highlight of his military career was doing a third rate, military video series called Camp Atterbury Television (CATV). "Not a single day went by when I wasn't laughing my ass off."  Well.. maybe doing cool Ranger stuff was higher on the scale but CATV allowed him to be himself and have fun.

    Scott has always been an entrepreneur. He ran several business's during his military career. Once he retired, he focused on creating products that he wanted to use. Tired of taking products from other companies that he did not like or feel that they were effective, he decided to create his own brand of products.

    Although he is rated 60% disabled by the military, he understands that staying in shape allows him to keep his disabilities at bay.

    2017 - Board Member of "A Warriors Mind." A non for profit organization that helps veterans and soldiers in need.

    All Ranger Nutrition products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

    After personally visiting many different manufacturing plants, Ranger Nutrition only approved two that that he felt met the high standards needed to provide awesome products .

    #Merica. enough said.

    Ranger Nutrition is owned by a disabled Army Veteran. If you are going to support a company, why not it be a company where the owner of it helped support your freedom for 26 years?  I know right?!

    Communication is key.

    Ranger Nutrition has customers that communicate with the owner all the time.  Seriously, he is just a normal guy. His goal is to ensure that customer service is at the highest level possible.


    Ranger Nutrition's products product amazing results. This transformation was done in only 10 months using Ranger Nutrition products. The products for this transformation included:

    • IGNITE - Testosterone Booster
    • Catalyst XT - Fat Incinerator
    • MAXXOUT - Pre workout formula
    • Ranger Nutrition's Whey Protein

    Results not typical.  Not everyone can pull off such a drastic transformation. It takes dedication, determination, consistency, and working with a bodybuilding coach.

    If you are ready to take your workouts to an entirely different level of performance, give our newest products a try.  You will be extremely glad you did. – Scott Hardesty/Founder