How to stay motivated to workout - Tips and tricks to keep going

How to stay motivated to workout - Tips and tricks to keep going

I workout alone, so staying motivated to keep working out is hard.  If you are thinking about working out or you are currently workout alone, staying motivated is a huge challenge for many, to include me. Here are some things that have helped me and others stay motived.


Join social groups with similar interests

Joining online or social groups is a great way to keep yourself motivated.  There a quite a few fitness groups are out there on Facebook.  These groups are filled with like-minded people who encourage each other daily.  Answering questions, keeping people motivated, sharing their success and results.


Join an organized class

When feeling stagnant in your workouts or if you are getting bored with them. Join a group class at a gym.  Often people forget to change their workout every 6-8 weeks. So joining a class with others can recharge your workout.


Workout partners

Getting a partner in the gym can definitely help you with your workout goals. To have someone there to push you and motivate you can be a big motivator. Although make sure you choose a partner who can workout the same time of day you can and also have the same goals. If you achieve this, it will help keep you motivated.


Get a coach

Not only can a coach ensure you are doing the right exercises to meet your goals, but they will also develop eating plans for you.  Many people think that coaches only work in gyms.  You can find many credible coaches online. Cation: Make sure they are an actual coach. Just because a man or woman works out, doesn’t mean they are a coach.  Although a physical local coach is preferred, it is very possible to achieve your goals if you work with a good online coach as well.


Write it down

Tracking your workouts is a great way to stay motivated. It is great to look back at a specific exercise (let’s say bench press) and see that you have gotten stronger over time.  Writing down your workouts allow you to not only see your progress weekly, it also allows you to see your improvements long term.