Lift for the 22 - Free gym memberships for veterans

Lift for the 22 - Free gym memberships for veterans

In 2016, I was introduced to a young man named Carter Davis.  He had this organization called Lift for the 22.  It’s a non-for-profit organization that was designed to help veterans combat PTSD and combat other issues like suicide by providing them with free gym memberships.

When Davis returned home from active duty in 2013, he suffered from depression as he lost his identity from his separation from the military. This eventually resulted in a divorce that drove him to almost become one of the 22. Davis found that the local veteran’s services weren’t meeting his needs—instead, he found solace in pairing camaraderie with exercise. Noticing the frequency of his fellow servicemen and women taking their own lives around him, he knew something had to be done. In search of a solution, Davis created a hometown network of veterans committed to helping one another transition effectively and preventing suicide among their peers.

Carter Davis is the founder of Lift for the 22, he has created a necessary outlet to help our brave servicemen and women receive transitional support designed to decrease veteran suicides due to depression and anxiety felt after returning home by providing them with free gym memberships.

Naming the organization after the statistic that 22 veterans commit suicide daily, Lift for the 22 uses fitness as one solution to help veterans feel better physically and mentally.

The organization purchases and receives free gym memberships all over the country from fitness facilities and re-distributes them to veterans in that community. Currently, Lift for the 22 has provided over 700 gym memberships to veterans and still has a list of 600 veterans waiting for memberships.

“I want to provide veterans across the country with the same camaraderie we experienced in the military,” Davis said. “Being able to connect with other local vets who have shared experiences similar to your own is very healing. We’ve found that pairing this support with exercise has helped veterans across the country cope. Since the launch of the Lift for the 22, we’re proud to report that there have been zero incidents of anyone in their program committing suicide.”

Ranger Nutrition is proud to team up with Lift for the 22 to help them with their mission. Since meeting Carter, we have developed a friendship and found that we work very synergistically together.  Ranger Nutrition and Lift for the 22 complement each other, so this partnership was a natural fit.  Expect to see more from events featuring Lift for the 22 and Ranger Nutrition.

Learn more about Lift for 22 by watching this short video.

How can you get involved?  You can visit and donate. If you are a gym owner and would like to participate in this amazing program, please visit the website and reach out, not only will Lift for the 22 help promote your gym for wanting to help out, but it will also show your support to the veteran community.

To learn more about how to sign up for lift for the 22 and to see if there are any gyms in your neighborhood, please visit WWW.LIFTFORHE22.ORG.