You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup: Amy Johnson’s Journey to Self-Care

You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup: Amy Johnson’s Journey to Self-Care

Being a caregiver to someone with a long-term, chronic illness is an act of love, filled equally with sorrow and joy. Unfortunately, , it often leads to  overextending yourself into exhaustion.  Caring for two immediate family members  greatly reduces the time you may take for yourself.

Amy found herself depressed, overweight and wondering how she could continue to give her loved one the care they needed. Until she read these few words:

you can’t pour from an empty cup

Seven simple words that sparked something in Amy Johnson, a loyal Ranger Nutrition customer.

Three years ago, Amy realized she would be providing long-term care for her mother who was dealing with several medical issues. At the same time her young daughter was diagnosed with diabetes, which meant that she would also be providing treatments and monitoring her daughter’s health, until she was old enough to manage her condition.

The stress in those early days was overwhelming. Amy soon gained weight, topping out at over 300 pounds, and was prescribed medications to address her own growing health problems. As is common for many caregivers, balancing your own life with care for a family member can be overwhelming—often leading to poor health, mental exhaustion and depression. Caring for two was devastating.

Amy says, “The stress led me to a very low point in my life. I was caring so much for my family that I completely forgot to take care of myself. That is why the quote struck such a chord. It suddenly dawned on me I could not do my best if I wasn’t at my best.” Amy started a diet and simple exercise program that spring.

The first few months went well--losing over 50 of her 100 pound goal. Then she reached a plateau. Not losing any more weight, Amy began to think this was all she could do. But being a fighter, she didn’t want to lose momentum. Amy began to look into a product or program that would supplement what she was already doing on her fitness journey.

Scott remembers the day he spoke to Amy. “Browsing the internet one day last summer, Amy came across my website. Looking for answers about what would be a good supplement to get over that plateau, I recommended starting with CATALYST XT and gave her some advice on weight training and what to do to jump start her weight loss again."

“Scott was fantastic. He gave me a focus and really inspired me to get into the gym, and motivated me to work hard to lose the last 50 pounds.”

Today, Amy has lost over 110 pounds and has never felt better. She is off her medications and is in love with weight lifting. Amy never thought she would be a “gym rat,” but she ends up going 4 to 5 times a week.

“I love the products 110%. For me, when I first started taking CATALYST XT, it was like an ‘ass kick in the bottle.’ It gave me the energy to take care of myself and do my best every day. Which means I am able to provide the best care for my mother and daughter. When I say that speaking to Scott that  day saved my life, I mean it,” says Amy. “My whole lifestyle and attitude have changed because of Scott and Ranger Nutrition.”

Amy is just one customer. But her story is an important reminder that no matter what we are facing day-to-day, to be warriors in life must first take care of ourselves before we can take care of anyone else.

Your fitness journey can be more than losing weight or bulking up – it can be centered around understanding the importance of self-care and living a well-balanced life.

Take care of yourself, first, so you can also be the best for others.