A Warriors Mind

A Warriors Mind

A Warriors Mind (AWM) was founded by Michael Woods in December of 2014. After separating from the Navy in 2013, Michael found it very difficult to adapt back into the civilian world. He was Military Police (A Master at Arms) with several deployments under his belt, including Afghanistan, and could not find happiness after his separation even though he had a successful civilian job.

He faced many challenges and frequently was not sure what to do next, mainly because he was so acclimated to a strict military regime. He tried hard to find a routine that worked for him but at one point it got really messy and he felt lost. He realized that many military members experience this and frequently it is one of the hardest parts of their service. Michael founded AWM to bring not only awareness, but to also to provide support and resources to others also going through this same difficult transition.

Soon his vision became even larger when he learned that the veteran suicide rate in 2014 was the highest it had ever been. Last year, 7.400 veterans took their own lives. This accounts for 18% of all suicides in America and sadly, it is increasing. Michael learned that 70% percent of veterans who took their own lives did not regularly use any Veterans Administration (VA) services, which is clearly an issue. These issues are directly reflected in the mission of A Warriors Mind.

Michael WoodWe created A Warriors Mind to rebuild and reconnect the veteran community. We do this by hosting different types of events to bring veterans and community members together. This creates opportunities for veterans to build new friendships and network with quality patriots from the local area. We also offer services, supported by volunteers, to help veterans connect with the resources they need. Give us a call or shoot us an email. We can't guarantee that we will fix your problems but we will work with you as long as you are working to help yourself. AWM is veteran run and volunteers operated. You are never alone in the fight.

Since the founding of A Warriors Mind, they have helped many veterans in need with a wide range of issues faced by soldiers adapting to civilian life. From helping with auto repairs to raising money to put food on tables, and from purchasing winter clothes for kids to raising money for wheelchair access for a disabled veteran. Additionally, AWM provides one-on-one assistance for the emotional struggles veterans go through.

Soon he will have a “Yelp” like service called Warrior Connect, so that he can broaden the scope of connections and resources available for veterans. From helping those that are currently serving to find civilian employment, to promoting veteran owned businesses, to various volunteer and event opportunities, all designed to help veterans connect with other veterans, so that no one is left behind.

awmAs a veteran myself, I will say the only people who truly understand and accept me are my brothers and sisters who also served, and A Warriors Mind is filling a very necessary role for all of us. And as a Ranger Nutrition Sponsored Athlete, I am very proud to say that that they will donate 5% of all sales to A Warriors Mind.

I was once in a British Army Ruck Challenge which required you to carry 45 pounds on your back while keeping a 13 minute-per-mile pace in formation for 6 miles, all the while in full combat gear. When I fell behind, some of my fellow other fell behind with me. They pushed me to that finish line and none of us would let the other quit. We completed that challenge will puking and yelling at each other to keep moving. We carried each other’s weapons and lifted the rucks off each other’s back to help with the crushing weight, all so that we could finish together, as a whole formation.

I believe that only your brothers and sisters of the United States military would do that for you.

There is no “one for all,” for us it is “all for one.”


written by: Christina Ramirez
Ranger Nutrition Sponsored Athlete