2016 NPC Natural Northern USA Review

2016 NPC Natural Northern USA Review

In October of 2016, Ranger Nutrition made its first debut as a vendor representing not only the new look and feel of the company, but a new product as well.

In Cleveland Ohio, the NPC Natural National Championship Bodybuilding Competition was held. Scott drove for six hours from Ranger Nutrition’s headquarters in Chicago to the Cleveland Public Auditorium where it was one of fifty five different vendors represented in the Vendor Pit.

Scott didn’t let some shortcomings stop him from attending this event. Ranger Nutrition wanted to have full banners and backdrops for the event but an error made it to where those products would not be ready for the event.

With just a 3-foot banner representing the company name, Scott decided to let his products do the talking at the event.  Samples of the Protein, Pre Workout and his newest product “Ranger Candy – BCAA” were featured.  There are many BCAA’s out in the supplement world, but Ranger Candy is the only BCAA that taste like the candies called “smarties.”

Ranger Nutrition was received well at the event. Many samples were passed out and almost everyone loved the new smarties flavored BCAA. At one point, a vendor from a different booth came over and told Scott that his Smarties was the talk of the show and asked if he could try it. After trying Ranger Candy the vendor said; “Wow, the new guy came out swinging!”

During the event, Scott was visited by one of his sponsored athletes, David Samuel (who is also a bodybuilding coach) and one of his clients, to help provide support.

For Ranger Nutrition, the event was a big success and he plans on attending as a vendor in April of 2017.