1 Million Fit - To train, motivate and help - online fitness community

1 Million Fit - To train, motivate and help - online fitness community

Many people find it hard to get motivated getting into the gym and getting fit.  1MillionFit was designed to help motivate and train you all on your computer/phone or tablet.

There are many different areas when it comes to fitness.  1MillionFit covers every aspect of fitness.

Mark Palmieri is a best-selling author and certified personal trainer who runs a successful business helping people become more physically fit.  He is not only the creator of 1MillionFit, he helps in all aspects of this movement.  Not only will he show proper workout technique, he will motivate you in the process as well.

Not only does it cover motivation and personal training, you will also learn self-defense, meditation techniques and yoga. Not only does 1MillionFit have a nutritionist but also a life coach. This community is back by some professionals in each area.

1.) Certified Diabetic Educator - Ryan Sanders (Nutrition)
2.) Black Belt in Krav Maga - Bert Witte
3.) Yoga Expert - Ali G
4.) Active Duty Marine Motivator - Nick Safran
5.) Blog Warrior - Ali C
6.) Entrepreneur and Life Coach - Melissa Brode

The website is super easy to navigate is filled with videos.  No need to tons of reading, these videos will stimulate your mind and keep you engaged.

1MillionFit is super affordable and also FREE for currently military and veterans.  Part of the proceeds are also donated to Three Rangers Foundation. Three Rangers provide veterans with the best experts, advice, assistance in every aspect of their journey; whether it is spiritual, physical, mental, employment, finances, family, education.

Not only do I recommend 1MillionFit for yourself, but I am also a client.  Check them out, you will be glad you did.