David Samuel

David Samuel

David Samuel was introduced to bodybuilding as a teenager by his father. During that time he was mentored by Chris Riego, a local competitor and trainer.  After going to college he put competing on hold, while still learning the sport, and being involved from the side lines.

Fast forward to 2008; although still weight training David realized he was overweight, and at a height of 5’3” he now weighed 236 lbs and was 36% body fat.  After getting married that year David decided to start serious training again.  Despite several hurdles David went on to successfully compete in several shows in Kentucky and later Ohio.  During this time he worked with coaches Jeremiah Forster, John Meadows, and IFBB Pro Michael Francois.

David Samuel

David attempted to learn even more about nutrition and training, and went on to be a certified training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a certified personal trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.  As the owner of Doberman Fitness Concepts he is now following his passion of competing and helping others to reach their physique goals.  His articles can be seen at Elite FTS, Flex Magazine sea, andLTSLfit.com.

"I’m excited to represent Ranger Nutrition because of their great products.  I’m currently loving the combination of MAXXOUT, CatalystXT, and Nitro NO2.  You can’t beat that for a pre workout combo.  Crazy Pump and intense focus!"

Whole foods should be the basis for any well balanced nutrition plan, but I we all get busy and a quality protein powder can be invaluable to keep us in line.  Ranger Nutrition’s Whey Protein is perfect for this!  It tastes incredible, digests easy, and is high quality.  I use it as a shake, but also in a slew of great recipes.

David is a fitness coach and has helped many of his clients not only become healthier and achieve their fitness goals, but he has also trained some of his clients to compete on stage at bodybuilding competitions.

Ranger Nutrition supports David’s desires and we are proud to have him as a Ranger Nutrition Sponsored Athlete.

You can reach to David here:  dobermanfitnessconcepts@yahoo.com or check out his coaching website at www.dobermanfitnessconcepts.com