About Ranger Nutrition


About Ranger Nutrition

Scott Hardesty / founder / is a retired Army Ranger that served 26 years in the US Army.

Hi.. I’m Scott Hardesty. I am the founder and creator of Ranger Nutrition. As a disabled veteran, I must continuously workout to keep my disabilities at bay. Because of the strenuous activities of being one of the military’s elite soldiers (Army Ranger 16 years), my back took a terrible beating and most of my disability is based off my back issues.

I really loved my military career, and I was great at it. During my long career I have received many awards, my highest is the Bronze Star for my work in Afghanistan.  Now that  am retired I have learned that when it comes to my disabilities, if I can keep my back strong, I have fewer issues to deal with.

Like you, I enjoy taking sports nutritional products to optimize my workouts, but also like you, I didn’t like a lot of the products I was taking. I didn’t like the some of the ingredients, the side effects, and a lot of them taste terrible.

I wanted to create products I wanted to take that I wish I could have taken while I was active in my 26 year military career. Products I could trust and know they would be made of the highest quality ingredients I could find. Flavor was very important to me, if you don't like how it tastes, you won't want to take it. Nobody likes taking products that taste bad... but we do. Luckily, you no longer have to take products that have bad side effects and taste like crap. I solved that problem for you.

All Ranger Nutrition products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

After personally visiting many different manufacturing plants, Ranger Nutrition only approved two that that he felt met the high standards needed to provide awesome products.

#Merica. Enough Said

Ranger Nutrition is owned by a disabled Army Veteran. If you are going to support a company, why not it be a company where the owner of it helped support your freedom for 26 years? I know right?!


Ranger Nutrition's products are trusted by some of the most elite soldiers in the US Military.  They trust my products to help them perform at the highest level, shouldn't you?

What is Ranger Nutrition?  Watch this short documentary.

Bunker Labs' Stories | Scott Hardesty of Ranger Nutrition from Bunker Labs on Vimeo.


Ranger Nutrition's products product amazing results. This transformation was done in only 10 months using Ranger Nutrition products. The products for this transformation included:

  • Catalyst XT - Fat Incinerator
  • MAXXOUT - Pre workout formula
  • Ranger Nutrition's Whey Protein

Results not typical. Not everyone can pull off such a drastic transformation. It takes dedication, determination, consistency, and working with a bodybuilding coach.

If you are ready to take your workouts to an entirely different level of performance, give our products a try. You will be extremely glad you did. – Scott Hardesty/Founder


5% of all Sales go to support LIFT FOR THE 22.

Lift for the 22 is an not for profit organization where it's main mission is to provide veterans with free gym memberships to help them combat PTSD.  I really believe in this organization and truly feel that it helps veterans.  Since my tour to Afghanistan (09-10), I have had 5 soldier's take their life.  This is not acceptable.  So whether you buy my products or not, please take a look at LIFT FOR THE 22.  Together we can change things.