Jenna Kohlmeyer Petri

Jenna Kohlmeyer Petri

Why Ranger Nutrition?

Ranger Nutrition is a Disabled Veteran Owned supplements company. Scott Hardesty is an entrepreneur that started his company because he couldn’t find products that he needed.

My favorite Ranger Nutrition products are the Maxxout and the Whey Protein!

My philosophy on health and fitness:

Ever since I was little, my parents made sure we were active. I played sports year-round my entire life.

When I stopped playing sports in college to focus on academics; I lost a little bit of myself. I gained a ton of weight and wasn’t focused on my faith, on bettering myself or on how I talked to myself.

After years of this behavior, it completely changed who I was at the core-and not in a good way.

One of my really good friends died in a domestic violence incident in 2011. This made me focus on being the vessel of talent that God intended for me. It made me realize that not only was I selling myself short, but I was setting a bad example for everyone around me.

I’m just a normal mom that wants to lead her kids by example. After a year of health and fitness changes I decided to share my story on my blog. My story is very honest and it truly has catapulted me into the career in coaching I have today. To this day over 30,000 people have read my story. This humbles me for many reasons.

I know that the way I lost weight is not the only way-but I also know that if I can help just one person live a healthier life-then I’m happy.

This humbled me to take on the mantra of ‘give more, want less’; #breakupwithyourexcuses and #youaretheONLYyou

Now, I volunteer with an organization that rehabs sexually trafficked women. The power of self talk, confidence and self-respect that you empower in yourself when you play sports or set new goals, cannot be replicated by anything else. I believe in changing the world, one brain at a time. I believe that #youaretheONLYyou. I believe that taking great care of yourself and creating new goals, no matter your age or experience level-is critical in being happy and fulfilled.

Every year I set out to do something new; whether it be run a marathon or a tough mudder. I’m doing my first power-lifting meet in December. Hopefully my first bodybuilding competition as a 37 year old mom of two young kids in 2016.

I do these things to show my children that no matter your age, your genetics, your talents, your experience-you CAN do anything through God. Everyone has what it takes, it’s whether or not you’re willing to do what it takes to get there.

I believe Ranger Nutrition products can help you attain these goals! I’m happy to have my name associated with Ranger Nutrition.

You can read my journey here “Breaking up with Excuses