Eric Stewart

Eric Stewart

Since the age of 15 I have been involved in weight training as an athlete. Through high school and as college athlete the weight room has been my life. When I was involved in law enforcement my mentality switched from conditioning to be a better athlete to training to be the hardest person to kill. That mindset is still how approach the iron.

The past two years have been challenging and it has given me the drive to go above and beyond just lifting to competition training.

I will be competing for the first time this fall in the light heavyweight bodybuilding division. I am working with some of the best and with the sponsorship of Ranger Nutrition will definitely get me stage ready.

I am fortunate and honored to know Scott Hardesty and honored to be sponsored by a Veteran owned company.  Ranger Nutrition has amazing products and the partnership with some of the veteran organizations makes this even more amazing!

With working full time I am able to balance the weight room and time with my 3 kids!

The iron is in my life but it's not my life!  I have even balanced my life so that I am able to train for my first bodybuilding show that I will attend in October 2017.